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Overfeeding the Planet April 15, 2011

Posted by jdstrand in canonical, security, ubuntu.

I just learned to my chagrin that wordpress.com would update my atom feed every time I clicked the ‘Update’ button in my blog. As a result, I have recently been spamming Planet Ubuntu pretty heavily lately, for which I apologize. Thanks to jcastro and especially nigelb for figuring out that the fix was simply to have the planet use the rss feed instead of the atom feed. While this post/apology could be argued to be yet more spam, I thought I’d pass this information along so others might check their feeds and adjust accordingly. The wiki has been updated for this change, and you can reference the change made to my planet-ubuntu settings in Launchpad if you want to check your settings.


1. Aoirthoir - April 15, 2011

“While this post/apology could be argued to be yet more spam,”

Nah! I for one am glad you posted as I wondered what the bejebus or (beodin if you prefer), was going on. Danke!

2. Matt Zimmerman - April 26, 2011

Thanks for posting this; I’ve had the same problem in the past and never understood why.

Is it safe to change my feed in the same way, without causing more spam on planet?

jdstrand - April 26, 2011

AIUI yes. nigelb in #ubuntu-devel did the actual change for me, so if you have questions you can ask him.

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